Print on Demand EN

Print on Demand

With Print on Demand, you can easily have PDF documents printed by the SKK at preferential rates. Simply fill out the following form and upload the file by 11.00 a.m. before the next sales shift. You can then easily pick up the printed file at our store and pay there. Please note that we will print your document exactly as you have uploaded it. The document will be printed on both sides, if you want to have it on one side, just note this in the comments. If you have any special wishes (different format, paper, larger print run, etc.), please mention this in the comment column and we will check the feasibility. The document will be printed on recycled A4 paper.

If you want to print multiple documents, please note that we process each separate order separately. To save costs, it is worthwhile to combine all individual documents into one PDF and send it to us.


The prices are divided into levels and the levels correspond to the printed pages.

Black and white (50 pages = 4 CHF) :
1 – 50 pages CHF 4
51 – 75 pages CHF 6
76 – 100 pages CHF 8
101 – 125 pages CHF 10

Coloured (50 pages = CHF 14):
1 – 50 pages CHF 14
51 – 75 pages CHF 21
76 – 100 pages CHF 28
101 – 125 pages CHF 35